Wrap around sleeves

Wrap around sleeves

Applications DW-AS cross linked polyethylene wraparound sleeves are s...


Medium wall heat shrink tubing (DM-W), with adhesive (DM-WA)

Medium wall heat sh

Applications Suitable for a variety of low voltage electrical and mec...


Heavy wall heat shrink tubing (D-HW), with adhesive (DH-WA)

Heavy wall heat shr

Applications Designed for applications to seal and protect electrical...


Heat shrink corrosion protection tubing with black mastic

Heat shrink corrosi

Applications DC-PT tubing is mastic lined heat shrinkable tubing desi...


High strength heat shrink tubing for terminals and crimp splice

High strength heat

Applications High transparency heat shrinkable tube, manufactured by ...


Heat shrink tubing for terminals and crimp splice

Heat shrink tubing

Applications Manufactured by co-extrusion polyolefin and polyamide, i...


Semi rigid heat shrink tubing with adhesive

Semi rigid heat shr

Applications Specially design to insulate, seal and protect wire spli...


High shrink ratio with low temperature adhesive tubing 4X6X

High shrink ratio w

Applications Flexible, heat shrinkable, dual wall tubing with an inte...


Flexible heat shrink tubing with adhesive

Flexible heat shrin

Applications Manufactured by co-extrusion of polyolefin and hot-melt ...


Heat shrink adhesive line tubing for brake pipe protection

Heat shrink adhesiv

Applications Ideal for the strain relief and mechanical protection of...


Heat shrink semi rigid mini polyolefin caps

Heat shrink semi ri

Applications Specially designed to provide mechanical and environment...


Heat shrink cable end caps

Heat shrink cable e

Applications Recommended for use both in open air and on underground ...


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